Health has come to be regarded as the real wealth in these modern times, with people becoming more & more conscious about keeping fit and eating healthy. Increasing number of gyms & fitness centers, growing organic food consciousness and the rapid growth of 5 billion health supplement industry in India is a clear testimony to that.

Lack of awareness about the nutritional aspect of what we eat is contributing to the rapid increase in lifestyle diseases like diabetes, PCOD, cardiovascular problems and obesity. People suffer from low energy & stress due to poor food choice they make in their fast paced modern lifestyle. And sadly there is a shortage of trained nutrition councilors or diet therapists who can provide educated guidance.

This course does exactly that. On successful completion of this course the student will have an understanding of human digestion and the underlying principles of healthy nutrition. The student will be capable of giving sound basic advice on nutritional requirements for good health. This course works well for all students interested in active and healthy lifestyle, gym trainer wishing to provide sound advice to their clients, housewives wanting to make healthy food choice for the family, and people wanting to carve a career in the diet & nutrition industry.

The course provides “the first ring on the ladder” and can be combined with our specialization programmes or used alone to help your clients to a healthy, happy and energetic lifestyle.

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