The B. Voc. programme in Hospitality, Catering, Travel Tourism & Service Industry at JIMS gives the students, the required skills, knowledge and attitude to efficiently discharge supervisory responsibilities in the fast growing Service Sector and explores the relationship between the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. The curriculum is designed to meet the global and regional need for qualified graduates, who will be able to apply their knowledge directly into the workplace. The programme will have an emphasis on managerial and operational issues and the philosophy can be described as ‘Think Global, Act Local’.

The Hotel industry is now a blend of technology and traditions, this sector is predicted to grow leaps and bounds and become triple of its size by 2020 generating enormous opportunities for well qualified professionals. Keeping in mind the increasing demand for such trained personnel, we have designed a programme with a curriculum which comprises of a number of modules that have been carefully selected, developed and are regularly updated.  For Aspirants, willing to be a part of this booming industry and looking for a challenging career, we offer exactly what they need to succeed in their dream career. Education imparted here inculcates in the students the real meaning of the term 'Aathi Devo Bhava', an age old tradition of hospitality for which we Indians are known throughout the world. A fierce competition has led to lot of innovative ideas with the right blend of old traditions and modern techniques in this field resulting in impressive hospitality products and services for the guest.

 An ideal candidate for this program should have excellent communication skills, a pleasing personality and an ability to put in laborious working hours.

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