Psychology is a scientific discipline of studying human mind. The objective of this course is to develop a strong background in psychology. This course helps the students to develop knowledge about human behaviour and its complexities. It makes students aware of the applications of psychology in various fields and professions that are related to psychology.

Course Highlights

  • It provides an opportunity to study theories and science of psychology to attain an understanding of the complexity and diversity of human behaviour.
  • It familiarises the students with different perspectives of psychology like Cognitive psychology, Environmental psychology, Spiritual Psychology, Neurosciences, Sports Psychology, Forensic Psychology, etc.
  • The students learn advanced research methods, statistical techniques, and psychological testing for conducting empirical studies in the field of psychology.
  • The students develop analytical skills by integrating theoretical knowledge with practical experience.
  • It helps the students to understand and apply the principles of psychological in personal, social and organizational context.
  • The students learn to develop insight into their own behaviour and behaviours of others and apply effective strategies for self-improvement and self-development.


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