A masters degree in Interior Design is a post graduate degree program that teaches students interior design; the art of changing the living areas & workspaces into a more effective setting for everyday use. The aim is to make the resulting setting most attractive. Interior designing also deals with aspects such as lighting, acoustics and temperature.

Interior designers often specialize in certain areas as the field is wide. The program is relatively new and it focuses on the connection that exists between art and technical knowledge and the research on people’s needs and preferences. The masters program teaches in detail about the planning inclusive of the budgeting & material selection. Project management is inseparable part of this master’s program. Space and the various aspects of it such as scale, configuration, light sources, colors, materials, and proportions are being taught. Graduates of masters program in Interior Design can exercise their skills both in commercial as well as in private sector as the vocation is on high demand in both business. Interior designers can become licensed practitioners after they complete the masters program and can work as consultants.

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