The world today has turned into a global village; people are no longer interested in information only from their local area where media houses are working vigorously to bring news, views, information and entertainment from across the globe at one’s doorstep instantly. Growth and development policies are no more limited to local or national level but have far reaching impact on global citizens. In this scenario the world requires professionals to project and disseminate information in an organized manner, so as to reach the target audience.

With advent of technology and advancement in field of media there is a growing need of media personnel who could not only disseminate information but also fit in the dynamic changing world of media profession.

 Understanding ever evolving nature of media profession, media companies need to be more involved with media schools so as to develop an industry aligned curriculum which plugs the big talent gap in the field of journalism and mass communication. The entire framework of our department has been built on the premise of dynamic interaction with media professionals from across the country. We have designed our curriculum in consultation with and based on inputs from the industry, we keep upgrading our course content to ensure that our students learn about media in its latest format, so that our students fit into the ever growing media industry. The Mass Communication & Media management course at JIMS provides a healthy balance in academics and practical’s added by visits and outdoors to ensure that the pass outs are able to make into successful and dynamic professionals in the media world.

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