Webinar on "Dealing with Fear and Anxiety"

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JIMS-JCC organizing Webinar on "Dealing with Fear and Anxiety" on 23rd May from 11AM to 12.30PM, by Dr.Shilpa Suri (Psychologist).

"When the going gets tough, the educators get going".

New age education is not just about imparting knowledge and information..It is about generating self awareness and empowering students to deal with anxiety arising due to situation, people and future challenges. The responsibility lies in helping the students in dealing with crises and uncertainty.

In the pandemic period when children are growing increasingly anxious it's the need to understand their mindset and make them more positive. By the end of the webinar on " Dealing with Fear and Anxiety" the students will be able demystify fear and anxiety by understanding the strategies to reduce them.

Convener : Ms. Shivani Wadhwa and Ms. Preeti Bhardwaj.

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