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Psychology - PG Diploma 1 Year

Semester I

  • Introduction to Applied Psychology
  • Community Psychology
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Applied Cognitive Psychology
  • Practicum

The first semester offers the students an understanding of the vibrant fields of Cognitive Psychology which is a tremendously growing field in the present scenario. They also get an opportunity to learn the applications of psychology in community setting and social environment. Students improve their ability via learning various tests in the laboratory like intelligence tests, memory tests and a variety of others. In addition, they learn the various quantitative research methods which are used extensively in research. This semester overall enhances the understanding of the students to the advanced level of psychological theory and practical applications.

Semester II

  • Applied Psychometrics
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Psychopathology
  • Psychotherapeutic Processes
  • Basics of Organizational Behaviour
  • Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Psychology of Group Dynamics
  • Self and Personal Growth
  • Practicum

In the second semester students deal with subjects that enrich their understanding of the various psychological disorders, the tests required to assess the condition of the client. They also learn psychotherapeutic methods to treat the psychological conditions. In addition, they enhance their understanding of qualitative research methods which would equip them for their higher studies. They also learn about Organisational Psychology which is widely used in organisations. Also, they learn the ways to promote their personal growth which is intended to make one’s life fulfilling.

Course Objectives

  • To provide an opportunity to enhance the knowledge base of the students.
  • To promote a healthy interface between academia and society in order to help them apply the learned skills.
  • To create a strong research oriented theoretical foundation in consonance with recent advances in the discipline of psychology.
  • . To equip students with skills and competencies in order to successfully engage with the community.
  • To enable students to take a creative, empirical and ethical approach to the program that combines conceptual repertoire and research practices in both quantitative and qualitative traditions.

Course Highlights

  • The program offers intensive career training in areas like psychological research methods, cognitive psychology, child psychology and more.
  • This course aims to introduce the students to the wide range of approaches in psychology and how to apply their knowledge in it.
  • It helps to study and learn about theories, concepts, tactics, and strategies that apply to human behaviour.
  • Candidates may also get training in social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.
  • It covers several areas of the field, such as physiological, abnormal, and developmental psychology.
  • A wide range of activities like fests, seminars, cultural conferences, guest lectures & internships to enhance learning and other necessary skills.


Minimum 50% marks in 10+2 (best of four) including English

Career Opportunities

It is well known that the field of psychology is very diverse because the human mind and human behaviour are very complex. Psychology touches every area of our lives—work, family, relationships, and mental and physical health. Based on the application of psychology in different areas of human life, different streams of professional psychology have been developed, such as clinical psychology, counselling psychology, organizational/industrial psychology, child psychology, military psychology, sports psychology and forensic psychology. Let us know more about these streams.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologists diagnose, understand and treat psychological disorders using psychotherapy. The reason is that often the medication given by the psychiatrist to the patient is not enough to fully treat a psychological disorder, and the patient requires psychotherapy by the clinical psychologist to be able to cope with the psychological disorder. However, clinical psychologists do not deal with the people suffering from major mental health issues. They work in hospitals, drug rehabilitation centres, NGOs,etc. Earlier an clinical psychology wasrequired to start practicing as a clinical psychologist. Under the just announced new education policy, the name of this degree is likely to change. The students interested in making a career in clinical psychology need a minimum of master’s degree in clinical psychology. Given the growing mental health issues in our society, the demand for clinical psychologists is expected to rise.

Organizational/Industrial Psychology

Organizational/industrial psychologists apply the principles of psychology to tackle workplace issues. They work to make organizations and industries more efficient. They study workplace issues at the individual, group and organizational levels and develop modules to solve these issues. The students who specialize in organizational behaviour can work as human resource development specialists, organizational consultants, HR managers and training specialists, etc. Today organizations are investing a lot on evaluating emotional and social intelligence of their employees. Organizational and industrial psychologists have a good career prospects as they are equipped to help organizations train their employees on these new-age skills such as emotional intelligence and ability to work in teams. Students can get jobs after B.A (H) or M.A in psychology along with a diploma course in organizational psychology.

Child Psychology

The field of child psychology has a great potential in India because so far it has not got the required attention from parents as well as psychologists. In the last few decades, childhood developmental disorders have tripled thus underlining the growing need for the services of child psychologists. Child psychologists deal with psychomotor, cognitive, emotional and social development of children and infants. They mostly work in child therapy centres, schools, and NGOs. Those trained to impart special education help the kids with special needs. For example, children with learning disabilities or autistic children or children with brain impairment can greatly become functional with use of psychological training and therapy.For becoming a child psychologist, you need a minimum of master’sdegree in child psychology or a master’s in special education.

Sports Psychology

Psychology has become an important part of sports. Sportspersons’ performance is affected a great deal by their mental conditioning. A sports psychologist works to improve the mental conditioning of a sportsperson, particularly an athlete. A sports psychologist studies the factors that can impact an athlete’s performance. These include cognitive, emotional, motivational and physiological factors. Sports psychologists generally work with sports coaching centres, sports teams, sports academies and leagues.

Today winning sports events gives the winners and their managers or team managements instant fame and rich rewards. Therefore, team managements take the services of sports psychologists along with coaches and physical trainers to enhance the performance of their sportspersons.

Sports psychology is relatively new in India but is expected to grow at an exponential rate.For practicing as a sports psychologist, a master’s in sports psychology is required. The Sports Authority of India provides research fellowships for psychologists; to avail this student need a master’s in psychology and must qualify for national eligibility test (NET) qualification.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is relatively new in India. It has application in legal and judicial systems, especially in the context of witness testimony and custody issues.Forensic psychologists try to understand the psychology of criminals and the intent behind crimes. They have an important role to decide thenature of sentencing for criminals. In conflicts between spouses where child custody is an issue, the role of forensic psychologists is very important. For becoming a forensic psychologist, you need a minimum of M.Phil. in Forensic Psychology (the name of this degree will change from M. Phil.). Also, with the expected improvement in the judicial system, forensic psychologists are expected to play an important role in legal policymaking.


Lecture Halls and Seminar Rooms

Fully air-conditioned, spacious lecture halls and custom-built seminar rooms, equipped with latest audio-visual aids, provide an excellent infrastructural back-up for academic interaction among faculties and students.


The Library at JCC Sector 3 Rohini is a veritable storehouse of information with ample text and reference books, national and international periodicals and journals. Well equipped and fully computerized library provides latest research and reference material in print and audio-visual formats along with the facility to refer to e-journals, Project Reports, Government Publications etc. To cultivate values in students and enhance their personality, the knowledge storehouse has an array of books on social issues and historical readings. The reading rooms provide a conducive environment for better learning and concentration.

Psychology Laboratory

There is a curiosity to know intellectual level, interests, aptitudes, personality, adjustment etc. One can know such things through their measurements & this measurement is possible through relevant psychological tests. The college has a separate psychology Laboratory which has sufficient psychological apparatus, tests etc. which are related to various aspects of human development and teaching learning process for conducting psychology experiments.



One of the greatest events held in JIMS, the annual event of psychology department Psychphoria played a crucial role in bringing out the best in the students.

They had an immense opportunity to showcase their talent by acting up as a medium between the spectators and an overrated issue "Generation Gap". 

Generation Gap, a self explanatory term i.e. differences in actions, beliefs and tastes of members of younger generations versus the older ones. When we bring this topic to the table, a debate is very likely to tag along. Even though, some people might believe that this issue has a presence between them and their peer group too, every person once in a lifetime feels generation gap amongst the older generations of their family. People often confuse "generation gap" with the term "misunderstanding" and it becomes a tough job to be able to acknowledge the difference between the two terms.

In the skit competition, Psychphoria, the participants turned out to be consummate as they brought out the transparency in various matters, from breaking simple stereotypes to a topic as complex as homeosexuality. Belonging from a young generation, they not only presented their views but dished out the standpoint of the older generations as well.

Freshers 2021

When students join college, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Freshers Party. The batch of 2021 was lucky enough to get this once in a lifetime experience. The whole department including students left no stone unturned to make it the best. Four days before the fresher’s party, the auditions for the title of Mr. and Miss Freshers were announced. All of us were on cloud 9, excitedly discussing about our attire, hairstyle, our overall look for the event and how we would present ourselves in front of the judges. The event started with a huge opening, with well managed programmes, a big stage with rounds of Photo sessions and selfies of us, well dressed. As everyone was beaming in an unparalleled aura and excitement was at peak, it didn't take much for us to settle in that ambience.

The selected boys and girls for Mr. and Miss freshers were given different tasks, who showcased their hidden talents which ranged from Stand-up comedy to singing performances and after much cheering we got our Mr. and Miss freshers. It was quite astonishing to realise that we have some gems studying in our batch. 

Delicious Lunch was served along with these. It ended with a grand DJ, where we danced like there was no tomorrow.

It was a really memorable day. We enjoyed to the fullest, got to know about each other, interacted with our lovely seniors and that's the best part.

Trade Fair

JCC has organised a trip to trade fair for students assisted with teachers. It's a great place to venture  with friends and family. Many traders come from around india even some across the world to offer and present what their country has speciality in.

Every year the trade fair has a main attraction, this time it was the hunar haat, where people from all over India came to showcase their talent and put up stalls. There was also a section dedicated to the start ups for the youth and new generation ideas to come in front of the world.

The state's showcase was smaller this year in comparison but beautiful neither less. It showcased beautifully about the states of India. The union territories were the show stealer for me, the way they presented all the states in such a way and with limited space available was a new concept we got to see.

The handicraft stalls were way more eye-catching than anything in the whole fair, the wooden items, the craftsmanship of those items showed the dedication put in them to be made. The turkish lamps were one of them. The beautiful coloured lights would make any room, any balcony look way more aesthetic and cool and would help set the mood in whatever sense the mood is being set into. Overall the experience was wholesome and enriching for students.

Best out of Waste

The students of first year participated in this online classroom activity pertaining to the Environmental Studies subject. They were to create useful products out of waste material available at home. They participated with great enthusiasm and carved out many amazing and useful things like table lamp, wall hanging, mobile stands, decorative show pieces, table coasters etc out of the waste stuff. Students were judged in the end on the basis of their creativity , usefulness of their product and presentation. The three best products were ranked and students were given the certificates.

Mindfullness Intervention

Mindfulness Intervention

To enhance the mental health of our students a guided mindfulness intervention was conducted in psychology dept. It was started with the breathing exercise as a warm up to prepare them for further activity. Following the breathing exercise Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) was being conducted. In this activity they had to carefully focus on their body muscles starting from toes to head. At the end an individual feedback session was done to map the effectiveness of the intervention. Overall, the intervention turned out to be effective for the students.

Movies Screening

Learning through cinema stimulates learner reflection. The concepts are easily related to feelings and emotions through movies and the story telling definitely sets up the foundation of sound and retainable knowledge. Thus, movie screening is an integral part of the course. Movies related to mental health including A beautiful mind, Peaceful warrior, Room, Unbroken, Inside out among many others are shown to students to understand various mental conditions better.

Raise Awareness

The students were sent to classrooms of various other courses where they gave presentations in groups to spread awareness on the issues related to mental health. They talked about the most common problems like stress, depression and anxiety and discussed the common symptoms along with the strategies to deal with them. Each group of students was accompanied by a teacher. The students even answered questions raised by the audience on the issue

Observational Learning

To better understand a subject like Educational Psychology the students were given an assignment under which they sat in different classrooms to observe various teaching strategies adopted by teachers for effective learning by students. The students observed the overall environment in the class and the teacher’s role in it, they observed the teaching style and the students’ involvement level among various other things. Later these observations were discussed by everyone in the class.

Article Reading and Interpretation

The best way to enhance knowledge is through reading. The students are motivated to read books related to different subjects. They are regularly taken to the library to read articles related to mental health from various magazines, they are then asked to interpret the articles in their own words. The same is discussed in the class with other students for collective knowledge enhancement.

Guest lectures

  1. Scope of forensic Psychology in India by Ms. Pooja Tomar (Forensic Psychologist). The scope and opportunities in the field Forensic psychology in India was discussed in the session.
  1. Scope of Clinical psychology in India by Ms. Mrinali (MPhil, NIMHANS). The scope and opportunities in the field of clinical psychology in India was discussed in the session.
  1. SPSS workshop –

    The use of SPSS tool is of per significance in psychological researches. Ms. Arshiya Kochar (Psychologist) was invited to teach the required skills of the  statistical tool to the second-year students.

  1. Importance of Diet and Nutrition in Mental Health’ by Dr. Sangeeta Malik (HOD Diet and Nutrition)

    The special lecture on significance of healthy diet, nutrition and health promotive behaviors was organised. The emphasis was given on the role of healthy diet on our mental well-being.

  1. Challenges for an Adolescent

    A guest lecture was taken by Ms Tanya Alagh a Clinical Psychologist. Various methods and techniques used in overcoming the conflicts and confusions during this age were discussed by her. Students also shared their experiences through ‘self control circle’ and ‘self discovery’ activities.

  1. Creating an Effective Social Media Campaign

    A session by Mr. Tarun Jajoria, Tech Lead, Pracify. This topic was from the subject ‘Media and Psychology’. Understanding mass media and the fundamental steps on how a message is propagated to certain audiences via digital and print medium was discussed in the session. The session apprised students of the impact of marketing campaigns designed according to the moral and ethical profile of the audience.

  1. Cybercrime

    A guest lecture was taken by Ms. Pooja Tomar, Forensic Psychologist on the topic ‘Cybercrime’. The session apprised the students of the origin and the current scenario of cybercrime in India. Some important cyber laws and case studies were also discussed in the session.

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