Mass Communication


Effective Mass Communication is one of the most potent weapons in the modern world. It can change the tide to public opinion and send vital messages out to a large section of society. The number of news channels is continually on the rise. It’s the same case with newspapers and radio stations. The intelligent readership is growing. The Media has many segments: the print medium being the oldest, electronic media such as television, radio, satellite communication, Advertising, Public Relations and New Media with added technology has taken it further to reach millions.

Course Objective

The institute offers MA programmes in the areas of Journalism & Mass Communication to graduates by providing a strong foundation and comprehensive training to aspirants from any discipline to pursue careers in the media Industry. We focus on nurturing the creative talent of students by providing them with hands on training and media exposure. One can also learn media law and ethics, research and journalistic techniques, media marketing, public relations and organizing events and exhibitions. Students are also encouraged to specialize in Print, Broadcast and Web Journalism, Radio Programming and production, Television Production, Film Making, advertising and market communication. The objective is to create a group of skilled and Professional Journalists, able to fit into different areas of media with knowledge of current academic and practical side.

Course Highlights

  • Regular lectures covering topics related to Print, Radio, Cinema, Photography, Graphics and Animation
  • Course includes Media Laws, Technical Writing, Business Communication Feature Writing, Political Communication and Editing.
  • Study of Public Relation, Advertising and Event Planning with practicals.
  • Visit to Media organization and out station locations for projects on Photography and video coverage
  • Guest lectures and workshops by experts from Media Industry.
  • Practicals in programme production , broadcasting and Film Making in Radio and TV Studios, supported by animation and graphics in our computer labs.
  • Focus on personality development, communication skills and creative writing

About us

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Course Opportunity

The course will provide career opportunities in field of Print Journalism, all aspects of electronic media, Broadcasting, Anchoring, Content Writing, Scripting in-addition to this technical side. The students will also be able to find Job opportunities in advertising, Public Relation, Event Planning and Commercial side of Media. There is also scope in modern and social media including cyber journalism.



Fully air-conditioned, spacious lecture halls and custom-built conference rooms, equipped with latest audio-visual aids, provide an excellent infrastructural back-up for academic interaction among faculties and students.


JIMS library is a veritable storehouse of information with ample text and reference books, national and international periodicals and journals. Well-equipped and fully computerized library provides latest research and reference material in print and audio-visual formats along with the facility to refer to e-journals.


JIMS is the first private sector institute of Northern India to have been given a license by the Government of India to run Community Radio. This radio is being run by the students and Community members. It is providing opportunity to develop programmes for community broadcast. The radio station is used by the college as laboratory for training students specializing in radio broadcast and they work in close coordination with community representatives and leaders. At present the radio broadcasts daily for 12 hours with original programme of six hours in the morning which is repeated in the afternoon. The students are encouraged to research the needs of the society, thereafter; they conceive, design and broadcast their own programmes in a real life environment.


JIMS has two fully equipped studios: one for Radio and other for Audio-visuals – Television and cinema. The studios have modern facilities like an Audio Lab with latest hi-tech equipment and a Video Lab with high precision cameras for indoor and outdoor shooting dark room for development of photographs. Editing machines with latest digital technology are installed to provide practical training to the students in the field of Television and Cinema.


In order to improve the communication skills of the students and give them proper diction and pronunciation, JIMS has a fully equipped communication laboratory fixed with latest equipment where the classes are supervised by technically equipped professor using language CDs.

Industrial Visits

  • A group of students were taken to News 18 TV channel to attend the recording of the famous programme “NETAJI LAPETE MAIN”. Students were able to understand the recording process in TV channels.
  • First year students were taken to 4 days trip to Kurukshetra and Chandigarh. The trip was organized as a part of Photography project to be undertaken by the students.
  • Students were taken to Max Muller Bhawan to attend Urban lens Film Festival. This festival gave them an exposure to some documentaries and short films.
  • Students of final year were taken to 3 day trip to Shimla-Kufri.
  • A group of students participated in the programme on INDIA TV and interacted with the film stars like Ajay Devgan, Kareen Kapoor Khan and Akshay Kumar
  • A group of students attended the famous progarmme “AAP KI ADALAT”
  • A group of students were taken to TOI press to understand the newspaper printing process.
  • Students of second year were taken to a 3 day trip to Jim Corbett and Nainital.
  • Students were taken to International Film Festival held at Goa organized by GOI. This festival gives an exposure to national as well as international films.

Course Curriculum

Semester I

  • Introduction To Communication
  •  and Journalism
  • Writing and Reporting For Media
  • World View: - Issues and Challenges
  • Information Technology for Media
  • Soft core (SC) Any Two
  • Editing
  • Business Communication
  • Changing Trends in Journalism

First Semester introduces students to writing for Print Media, Basic of Editing, Communication Patterns and Various dimension of Journalism Profession. Students are made to understand the Reporting Analysis, Current Happenings, National and International Systems and Basic IT Applications in Media. They also learn about revolutions in information Technology, new age news room operations, Photo Journalism and Basic media Glossaries.

Semester II

  • Advertising Management
  • Political Communication
  • Public Relation and Event
  •  Management
  • Media Laws
  • Technical Writing
  • Soft core (SC) any one
  • Editorial and feature Writing
  • Hindi Journalism
  • Open Elective (OE) any one
  • Advanced Photography
  • Essentials of Journalistic Writing

Second Semester introduces students to the field of Advertising, Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Legal Aspects of Journalism Profession. Students are also introduced to Technical writing, specialized writing and Hindi Journalism. Students are made to analyze Political events critically and understand the working of Media in Democratic Setup. Students will also learn about Digital Photography, Newspaper Designing and Magazine Production

Semester III

  • Research Methodology
  •   Television Production
  •   Media Management
  •   Radio Production
  •   Soft Core (SC) any one
  •   Introduction to Broadcast Journalism
  •   Electronic Media Production- Lab work
  •    Open Elective (OE) any one
  •   Marketing Communication
  •   Women, Media & Society

This Semester focuses on Media Research, Television and Radio Production Techniques, Broadcast Journalism, practices of Indian Media Organization. This course enables students to execute Research Projects, Undertake Radio and TV production and makes them aware of importance Radio Broadcasting in India. It makes students proficient in source attribution, getting right information, understanding the Ethics behind News Reporting and Marketing Communications in context of market – Driven Economy

Semester IV

  • Development of Cyber Media
  •    Development Communication
  •   Communication in International Media
  •   Dissertation
  •   Internship &Viva
  •   Soft core (SC) Any Two
  •   Online Journalism
  •   Sports Journalism
  •   Business Journalism

This Semester prepares the students to critically evaluate internet and social activism, Developmental approaches and programmes in the context of Economic and Development theories and influence of global media on India. It enables the students to understand factors governing national development and contemporary global media scenario. Students also get on opportunity to understand the nuances Online Journalism, Sports Journalism and Business Journalism. At the end of the semester students are required to submit a Dissertation on any topic related to the field of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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