Liberal Arts


Blending theory and practice, our BA (H) English Literature program seeks to foster clarity, invention, and expertise. The program aims to introduce a wide variety of literature in the English language. Primarily, the program aims to offer eligible students the opportunity to read and respond to a massive spectrum of novels, plays, and poetry across different genres. Also, students are exposed to wider socio-cultural and political issues in relation to contemporary English literature. The course consists of components of study such as literary analyses, cultural diversity in literature, critical thinking, and written and oral communication skills through a rigorous curriculum of literature, composition, language and linguistics, and communication studies.


The course essentially aims to:

  • Help strengthen the students’ linguistic capabilities through both theoretical lessons and practical sessions.
  • Introduce enrolled students to the political, social, cultural, economic, and intellectual backgrounds of the various periods in literary history.
  • Help candidates specialize in their chosen area by means of the electives included in the curriculum.
  • Offer a deep insight into the world of literature and enable students to critically appreciate major literary works of the world.
  • Enhance the communication skills and writing skills which are essential in the growing world.


  1. Our well- planned lectures are blend of theory and practice that enable our students to learn how to analyse a multitude of texts, they learn how to read different texts and analyse the style, use of different types of language, and meaning, in depth. 
  2.  Extensive writing training and Dissertation Projects provide the students to learn how to write clearly, concisely and analytically in stylistically different forms.
  3. Practical Seminar Sessions and presentations by the students provide transferable skills that teach them to deconstruct and analyse in order to provide a critical viewpoint in all areas as well as build their Public Speaking Skills. 
  4. Activities: varied activities organised in the campus provide the students a platform to express their talents and demonstrate their strong grasp of the English language.
  5. Foreign Language: Elementary / working knowledge of Foreign Language such that the student can effectively converse and correspond in that language on various issues.
  6. Guest Lectures from proficient speakers: Students are provided opportunities to develop critical thinking and expert viewpoints through Guest Lectures.
  7. Personality Development sessions held for our students aim at enhancing professional skills, employability, quality of life, self-discipline, talent and potential.
  8. The Mentoring Programme in the campus provides support, a sounding board, knowledge, encouragement, guidance, counselling and constructive feedback to the mentee by developing a genuine interest in the growth of their abilities and talents throughout the session.
  9. Offered Internship Opportunities provide our students a hands-on experience and help them fine-tune the marketable skills and prepare for applying those skills and knowledge in the real world. 

Course Curriculum

6 Months (Certificate)

  • Indian Classical Literature
  • European Classical Literature
  • English Communication
  • Media & Communication Skills
  • Computer Applications

The focus of the six months Certificate Programme is to develop the interest of the students towards English Literature and to develop a wide range of Skills that are valuable to employers including: how to agure a point, how to think independently, to summarise and precis, to write and speak well, to write reports, to present information effectively and to work as part of a team. The students in this programme learn the Academic way of evaluating the Classical pieces of Literature and develop an effective writing style which is neccessary for future Job opportunities. The prespective job opportunities after completing this programme are: English content writer, blog writing, editing and proof reading, client interaction jobs, etc.

1 Year Diploma

  • 6 Months Certificate
  • (Subjects)
  • +
  • Indian Writing in English
  • British Poetry in Drama(14th & 17th Century)
  • Environmental Studies
  • Women Empowernment
  • Personality Development

This One-year Diploma course is designed to help the candidates to learn different aspects of the English Langauge . This Course aims to develop writing, reading Skills and Engish Vocabulary. This study builds a bridge between theory & practice of the methodology of English Language. It will enable the students to read and use text an other source materials criticaly and empathetically, recognise and reflect critically on the nature and theorotical underpinnings of the discipline. It will effectively help them to martial an argument, be self disciplined and independent, intellectually analyise and solve problems, use effectively the  information retrieval and presentation skills. These skills sets can help them to effectively hold on to the job positions like: content developer, language teaching, blog writing, editorial work, soft skill trainers and proof reading.

2 Years Advance Diploma

  • Diploma (Subjects)
  • +
  • American Literature
  • Popular Literature
  • British Poetry & Drama 17th & 18th Century
  • Academic Writing and Composition
  • Film Studies
  • +
  • British Literature 18th Century
  • British Romantic Literature
  • British Literature 19th Century
  • Contemporary India: Women and Empowerment
  • Creative Writing

The 2 years Advance Diploma provides students with better understanding of other significant genres of English Literature, which play an important role in its formation as the mainstream literary works. This course will enlighten students about literary trends of American Literature and Popular Literature in all literary forms like novels, drama, poetry, etc. British Literature plays an important role in history of English Literature and the literary trends of 18th Century & 19th Century will be given in-depth attention following the inovative ideas introduced by writers thematically and structurally. The concerns about women's empowernment discussed by writers of contemporary India will be part of the discussion. Writing Skills, academic or otherwise, will also be furnished.

3 Year Graduation Degree

  • Advance Diploma
  • (Subjects)
  • +
  • Women's Writing
  • British Literature: The Early 20th Century
  • Modern Indian Writing in En glish Translation
  • Research Methodology
  • +
  • Modern European Drama
  • Post Colonial Literature
  • World Literature
  • Literary Theory
The speciality of the 3 years degree program is to enlighten students about women writers who marked an impact on the English Literature and paved its way towards growth and uplifting of society in general and women in particular. British Literature will come in its full bloom in this program where the literary, innovative, linguistic and structural trends will be the focus of teaching. The program will also focus on Modern European Drama which flourished in 20th Century and Post Colonial Literature which came into existence as a response to colonialism and its aftermath. The students will be guided about mainstream literature and other genres of literature that makes this program fulfilling in nature. Research Methodology and different literary theories will be discussed and will enhance students' reception of literary works.


There are plenty of great reasons to study a subject like Psychology. An undergraduate degree can serve as a stepping stone towards a great career in in this field. Studying Psychology not only gives deeper understanding of self but also others. The very thought of being able to analyze different aspects of complex human behavior excites the students. Psychology attracts students of diverse backgrounds. Anyone with an analytical bend of mind, combined with keen interest in human behavior will do well in this subject. The course covers a wide range of all the themes associated with this subject – including mental health, life span, clinical psychology, social research, neuroscience, cognitive processes, and many more.


The course essentially aims to:

  • To provide the basic understanding of the various disciplines of Psychology.
  • To assist the learner in using scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena
  • To familiarize learners with the psychological research methods.
  • To upgrade the essential abilities and skills in the learner through various activities.


  • French language
  • Customized industrial visits
  • Internships in the best hospitals and clinical set ups
  • Projects on the basis of practical learning
  • Workshop and guest lecturers to enhance the soft skills

Political Science

It has been designs to develop understanding the major areas of Political Science as per the Indian and Global perspective. To study the changing nature of Political system in India, contemporary debates in Indian Politics, world politics and the perspective of World political thinkers. To study the critical insights of foreign policy and India’s regional approach in the contemporary environment.

Its emphasis on contemporary traditional non-traditional security challenges like Terrorism, Environment change, Civil Society, Media, Emergence of ICT, Conflicts and public Diplomacy.

It has been designed to critically analyze the important issues impacting world environment and rising concerns of nuclear weapons in the 21st century.

COURSE Highlights

  • Provides high quality Graduate training.
  • Course content emphasize on International Relations and Comparative Politics.
  • An orientation toward issues of Public Policy both domestic and International
  • Debates and discussion on Contemporary traditional and non-traditional security challenges
  • Special Coverage of Key issues impacting the world environment and politics in the 21st


This course will help the students to know about markets and other governance structures, organizing core economic activities, such as production, distribution, and consumption, and the growth of productive resources. The students will also become familiar with the origins and implications of processes of international economic integration and differentiation, the basic features of the international financial and monetary systems, and their implications for national economic policies. We also organize various workshops, seminars and guest lecturers to make them aware about latest economic development.

COURSE Highlights

  • To learn and organize economic activities, such as production, distribution,consumption, and the growth of productive resources.
  • To determine the macroeconomic conditions (national output, employment, and inflation), causes of business cycles, and interactions of monetary and financial markets with the real economy, familiarizing themselves in the process with major economic theories of relevance.
  • To make the students familiar with the origins and implications of processes of international economic integration and differentiation, the basic features of the international financial and monetary systems, and their implications for national economic policy.
  • To make students familiar with the history of economic thought and the controversies between its major schools of thought and contrasting theoretical approaches.
  • To make students analyze research questions with the use of econometric technique by identifying data and model specification issues; selecting and implementing suitable multiple regression techniques based on their analysis of error structures; and conductingbasic analyses of time-series

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Design Multimedia Lab

Multimedia labs is equipped with the latest design software like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Fashion Illustrator & TukaCad. These software helps the students to explore and help to evaluate mood, silloutes fabric and color along with technical application and innovation.

Pattern Making Lab

The Pattern Making lab is equipped with pattern tables, instruments & Fashion CAD pattern making software.

Garment Construction Lab

Garment Construction lab is equipped with the latest cutting table and Juki Machines. These facilities and services allow the students the freedom to experiment and generate creative ideas.

Dying & Printing

Dying & Printing lab is equipped with printing tables and other printing & dying equipments which help them to design in an innovative manner.

Resource Centre

Resource Centre is useful in providing all kinds of materials required by students in Fashion designing viz. Costume collection. Functional Materials, Accessories etc.

Draping Lab

Draping lab is equipped with dummies of UK-8 & 10 sizes.Students can enhance their skills in creating designer garments by the use of different fabrics in various ways.

Design Studio

The studio with slanting tables specially designed to make the designing process comfortable is needed, where the students can visualize their mind mapping to the final product, where a student can create their designs.


Activity for the development of Designer Trouser

Department of Fashion Design Organized a creative activity on the development of Designer Kids wear Trouser for second year students.

Activity on Save the loom of Chendamanglam,Kerala

Department of Fashion Design Organized an activity on Save the loom to create awareness about the condition of Weavers for first year students.

Activity on Batik & Block Printing Techniques

Department of Fashion Design organized activity on Surface ornamentation techniques (Batik & Block Printing) for second year students.These techniques are used to enhance the product.

Workshop on Gond Art

Fashion Design Department organised Gond Art Painting for 1st year students. Gond art is a form of painting from folk and tribal art that is practiced by one of the largest tribes in India – the Gond – who are predominantly from Madhya Pradesh. The work of Gond artists is rooted in their folk tales and culture, and thus story-telling is a strong element of every painting.

Workshop by Fevicryl on Surface Ornamentation techniques

Fashion Design Department organised workshop on surface ornamentation techniques by Fevicryl for first year students to enhance their creative skills.

Workshop on Scarf & Saree Drapes

Fashion technology students learnt how to drape stylist way to tie a scarf around the neck and body to create various dress styles which helped them use draping techniques in designing and how to wear a perfect saree which is largely used in Indian formal wear..

Workshop on Photography & Styling

Fashion Design Department organized a workshop on Styling & Photography for second & third year students.

Workshop on Quilling

Department of Fashion Design organized a workshop on quilling for first year students to teach them how to create quilling motifs.

Workshop on Sustainable Fashion

Fashion Design Department organised a three days workshop b FDCI Designer Sonia Jetleey & Stylist Anuj Lalwani  on Sustainable Fashion to create awareness about sustainability in Fashion Industry.

Workshop on Tie & Dye Technique

JIMWS Fashion Design Department organized Tie & dye method. Tie-dye is a method of tying or stitching fabric together to prevent the absorption of dye to a particular area, dyeing is the process of applying vivid colour on cloth to produce a design

Industrial Visits

Bagru and Sanganer visit

JIMS Fashion Design students visited Jaipur to gather knowledge about Jaipur textiles, vegetable dyeing printing techniques, Rajputana culture as well as rug industry.

Dilli Haat Visit

JIMS Fashion Design students visited Dilli Haat to understand about our Indian Handicrafts, Textiles and Culture.

DLF Mall of India

JIMS Fashion Design students visited DLF Mall of India, Noida to understand Visual Merchandising of different brands.

Garment Technology Expo

JIMS Fashion Design students visited Garment Technology Expo to gather knowledge about latest industrial machines and equipments.

India Art Festival

Students visitied India Art Festival to gain knowledge about art and culture

Modern Art Gallery

JIMS Fashion Design Students visited Modern Art Gallery to gather knowledge about different techniques of paintings as well as visual arts.

National Museum

JIMS Fashion Design Students visited National Museum to understand different civilization like Harappa, Mohenjadaro.

Nehru Place Visit

JIMS Fashion Design students visited Nehru Place to understand upcoming trends in prints and textiles.

Spectrum Pvt Ltd

JIMS Fashion Design students visited Spectrum Pvt Ltd., Kundli to understand Denim finishes.

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