English Journalism


The undergraduate programme in Liberal Arts- English Journalism introduces the student to the world of Media and helps them to understand the complex and diverse world of Media. The course equips the students about the various Media channels such as Newspapers, Radio, Television, Photography, Film Making, Adverting, Public Relation & Online Media and deepens his knowledge of Media on the international scale. The course instills the fundamentals of communication in the students and develops written and oral communication skills required for media professionals. The course prepares the students for variety of careers in media industry like advertising, reporting, editing, photography, film making, public relations, event management and content writing. The focus of this course is to provide as sense of confidence, self efficacy and awareness of the responsibility as media professionals.

Course Highlights

  • To offer an overall view of media Industry.
  • To provide the understanding of various streams of media.
  • To impart theoretical as well as practical knowledge about different fields  of media.               
  • To develop the skills required in the dynamic media industry
  • To make the student competent enough in facing the challenges of Media World.
  • To encourage research aptitude, critical thinking and technical skiils.
  • To develop a responsible media professionals.


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