BSc. Computer Science

Computer science provides problem-solving perspectives for addressing problems in many disciplines. BSc Computer Science a three year degree program with liberal arts track provides a flexible curriculum by focusing on the advanced practices of computer science grounded in a strong liberal arts curriculum.  Students have the flexibility to choose a wider range of elective courses, which can also allow them to pursue a variety of minors, majors and interdisciplinary subjects. The program emphasizes general knowledge, multiple perspectives, alternative ways of thinking, and connections among disciplines along with core area of computer science. Within a computer science program, liberal arts graduates master core ideas, structures, algorithms, and methodologies. These graduates also have considerable experience with writing, oral communication, and ideas from other disciplines. Such a breadth of background provides a strong base for professional careers as well as explorations into new areas and interdisciplinary challenges.

 Objectives :

  • To apply their in-depth understanding in core areas of computer science to solve problems in a modern technological society as productive computer scientists or engineers and/or enter and succeed in a graduate program.
  • To expose interdisciplinary research that will drive innovation in the future.
  • Continue as lifelong learner to develop their computing and engineering abilities, problem-solving skills, and aptitude for innovation.
  • Practice professional ethics with social responsibility through service in the framework of a global technical community.

Course Highlights

  • Prepares students for careers that provide both personal and societal rewards
  • Flexible curriculum which allows students to deepen technical skills in areas that match their interest.
  • Covers a range of subjects wherein students have Computer Science
  • ;Core Subjects that Provide base for learning the basics of major
  • Elective Majors that provide specialization
  • Interdisciplinary Minors that provides social responsibility and will drive innovation in the future. Provide students with broad knowledge of the wider world with multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Liberal approach of education that will help students develop their sense of social responsibility with strong and transferable intellectual capacities involving communication and professional skills, analytical and problem-solving abilities, and demonstrated aptitude to apply critical thinking in the real-world scenario.
  • Provide opportunity to learn alternative levels of proficiency in the chosen subjects after completion of the course.

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