Course Highlights

Teaching Methodology- Well structured lectures with practical approach. Essentially involves use of innovative pedagogy to be adopted by the faculty. Projects & presentations/viva, assignments, technical quizzes are used extensively to achieve this objective.

Interaction with Industry- Opportunity to interact closely and continuously with the industry through industrial visits, seminars and guest lectures.

Exposure to latest computer languages- As a part of updated curriculum, exposure to latest computer programming languages

Personality Development- Emphasis on Overall personality Development through Extempore, Presentations, Competitions etc.

Industrial Training Projects- Hands on experience on Live Projects or Summer Internships.

Exposure to the latest technologies- A consistent effort to update students about the latest trends in IT through Guest Lectures, Technical Presentations, Annual IT Seminar etc.

Foreign Language- Elementary / working knowledge of Foreign Language such that the student can effectively converse and correspond in that language on various issues.

Diversification – Curriculum designed in such a way that it covers mostly all dimensions of IT,  so that a student is capable of making its career in various IT fields such as Software, Networking, Database, Multimedia, Hardware etc.

Final Projects To inculcate group work and team management skills with cross-cultural etiquettes,   promoting knowledge  transfer  leading to conceptualization and  delivery of  projects with varied complexity.

Focus on Human Values - The important of the human values in education is lost in the era of globalization. To inculcate human values in students, The IT department organizes various activities to make them realize that it is they who have the onus of building a brighter society not only for them but for the society as a whole.

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