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JCC Annual IT Seminar- SONIC

SONIC 2k22 on "Convergence of IT Technologies"

An Annual seminar SONIC 2K22 on : "Convergence of IT Technologies" was organized by Department of Information Technology on 12th Feb, 2022. The target audience for the seminar was Undergraduate, Graduates and Post Graduates who carry deep interest in IT Technologies. The Seminar was attended by Students from various colleges all over Delhi. The aim of the seminar was to share knowledge and expose students to the latest trends in the Industry. The current Trends of the IT Industry depict a high degree of shifts towards Technological Convergence. Today we are realizing the products that are based on technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, AI & Machine Learning, Edge Computing and many more.
The seminar began with tribute to Maa Saraswati followed by Saraswati Vandana. Mr. Mohit Mathur, Head of IT Department, welcome the guests and attendees. He clarifies the concept of convergence of IT technologies in today's environment along with a basic understanding of the various technologies. Followed by this, was Dr. Vinay Kumar, Ex-Chairman of the CSI, motivational speech.
The Technical Session begins with keynote address by Mr Vipin Gupta- Director, U-Net Solutions and Unet Labs Private Limited. The event was engaging and informative, as it provided a thorough overview of a case study of a smart health care system employing convergence on IT technologies. The second technical session delivered by Mr. Sunil David - Regional Director-IOT for AT&T India. A clear demonstration of the power of Three – Combining IOT, Cloud & AI for a Game Changing future was given. The third Technical Session delivered by . Mr. Sanjay Punde - Trainer and Consultant, CloudKali Solutions (OPC). He focused on Cloud Convergence Solution, which assists organisations in developing, delivering, and managing cloud services with efficiency, scale, and best-in-class economics. The Technical Session concluded by the fourth invited speaker Mr Atul Tripathi - Ex Big Data and Artificial Intelligence consultant in national Security Council Secretariat (Prime Minister’s office, New Delhi, India). He is a remarkable speaker who provided a comprehensive grasp of AI for the ESG Challenges. The Seminar concluded with Vote of Thanks by Ms. Ruchika Sharma- Convenor. A question-and-answer session was included in each Technical Session. Ms Rachna Minocha, Assistant Professor-JIMS was in charge of the overall seminar anchoring.

SONIC 2k20 on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”

An annual IT seminar SONIC 2k20 was held on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning during 24th and 25th Jan 2020 at Auditorium, JIMS Rohini, Delhi.

The Day 1 i.e 24th Jan 2020 of SONIC was a seminar in which eminent speakers from industry were invited. The eminent speakers of seminar were  Mr.Aurobind Upadhyaya, Associate Director –KPMG, India, Ms Prerna Daga(Senior Manager & Future Leader- Internet of Things, HCL Technologies) , Mr. Rajneesh Aggarwal,  Co-Founder@leadkaro and Mr Rahul Pathak, Machine learning Expert, CETPA. The seminar begins with the floral tribute to Maa Saraswati followed by Saraswati vandana. After felicitation ceremony the welcome note delivered by Head of IT Department Mr Mohit Mathur who not only enlighten the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in today’s world but also make aware about the dangers of Artificial General Intelligence. Following was the motivational lecture delivered by Dr RK Arora- Director, JIMS and Dr JK Goel- Advisor, JIMS. 

The Technical Session begins with keynote address by Mr Aurbind Upadhyaya, Associate Director- KPMG. The session was interesting and knowledgeable as a very clear understanding of Artificial intelligence domain was delivered by the esteemed speaker. The second technical session, delivered by Ms Prerna Daga, Senior Manager & Future Leader- Internet of Things, HCL Technologies. The session was titled as Demystifying Data Science and Machine Learning. A clear understanding of difference in terms such as data science, deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence was delivered. The third Technical Session focused on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare was delivered by Mr. Rajneesh Aggarwal, Co-Founder@leadkaro. The session was interesting as how AI is impacting healthcare domain and how AI applications are emerging and helping healthcare industry was discussed. The Technical Session concluded by the fourth invited speaker Mr Rahul Pathak, Machine learning Expert, CETPA. This session spell bound the students with the talent of Mr Pathak as he talked on Machine Learning Landscape and the Buzzword Surrounding it and Business Applications of AI. The way Mr Pathak explained the complex Machine learning technology in simple words was commendable.  The Seminar concluded with Vote of Thanks by Dr Deepti Khanna- Associate Professor JIMS. Each Technical Session was embedded with moderators and question answer rounds by Ms Ambika Bhatia- Assistant Professor –JIMS, Ms Prerna Singh- Assistant Professor JIMS, Ms Nainika Kaushik- Assistant Professor JIMS. The overall seminar anchoring was handled by Ms Rachna Minocha- Assistant professor-JIMS. The seminar audience included Students from JIMS as well as Students and Teachers from around 10 school / colleges from all over Delhi. 

The Day 2 i.e 25th Jan 2020 of SONIC was a workshop of around 4 Hours. The whole workshop was divided into two technical sessions. 

Session I Customized Image Classification and recognition system using prime machine learning algorithm and ensemble technique(Using Anaconda Distribution) 

Session II   Customized Human  Activity Recognition and Classification system using opencv and convolutional neural Networks(Using Anaconda Distribution).

Both Technical Session were taken by Rahul Pathak, Machine learning Expert, CETPA. The sessions enlighten students with an idea of how machine learning algorithms were developed in Python. The hands on experience gained by students provided them a confidence of how industry is programming Python for Machine Learning. The Hard-core technical sessions concluded with valedictory and Certificate distribution by Dr RK Arora – Director JIMS. 

SONIC 2k18 on “Latest Advancements in Web Technologies”


  1. Mr Amit Srivastava- Sun Certified Corporate trainer & Software Professional(Deep Learning & Related Technologies)
  2. Mr. Ravikant Tyagi- Software Professional and Corporate Trainer ( Machine Learning & Related Technologies)
  3. Ms  Vinti Sachdeva- Software Professional and Corporate Trainer at Brain Mentors ( Game Application Development)

SONIC 2k17 on “Cyber Crime and Forensics”


  1. Mr  Govil Rajpal, echnical Consultant & Security Specialist,British Telecom
  2. Mr. Sudipt Ghatak , Cisco Engineer at Aricent
  3. Mr. Gyanendra Dwivedi, Senior Manager at GST(Goods and Services Tax Network)

SONIC 2k16 on Big Data


  1. Mr Vikas Sharma,Consulting Manager – Asia Pacific,Oracle
  2. Mr Aziz Ahmad,Technical Leader,Aricent Technologies
  3. Mr. Ajaypal Singh Dhillon,Senior Manager, Ericsson
  4. Mr. Vinay Kandpal, Senior Manager , Alcatel Lucent

SONIC 2K15 on Internet of Things


  1. Mr Pawan Aggarwal, Senior Consultant-Cisco(Centre of Excellence)
  2. Dr. Gaurav kumar, Founder, Managing Director, Magma Research and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd
  3. Mr Amit Doegar, Professor, Computer Science Department, NITTTR , Chandigarh
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