In the era of cost escalation in medical treatment, when expenditure on this count is sky rocketing and most of the people are deprived of the facility of treatment by experienced people due to income constraints, Acupressure is bound to bring about a sea change. Acupressure is effective for the treatment of common ailments such as headaches, migraines, lower back pain, neck & shoulder tension, cramps, menstrual irregularities, insomnia, emotional stress, low energy and fatigue as well as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mental and emotional stress, even addiction recovery and learning disorders. According to the National Cancer Institute, several small studies have shown that acupressure has helped cancer patients by reducing cancer-related fatigue and nausea. The program also provide a comprehensive understanding of the classical and theoretical foundations of the field of nutrition, and introduce students to nutrition from an integrative and holistic perspective. The emphasize is on giving a deep insight into food science and leading a healthy disease free lifestyle. To promote the healthy transformation of food into nutrients, acupressure approach plays a crucial role

These courses were taught in Gurukula system in ancient days, which is now been evolved in to under graduate & post graduate courses from Institutions.

Acupressure is an easy and useful system of treatment and opens up many opportunities. The successful graduates have host of options, as health, is one of the prime areas of focus of the Indian government, hence, and is certain to grow exponentially.

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