Course Curriculum

Semester I

  • Introduction To Communication
  •  and Journalism
  • Writing and Reporting For Media
  • World View: - Issues and Challenges
  • Information Technology for Media
  • Soft core (SC) Any Two
  • Editing
  • Business Communication
  • Changing Trends in Journalism

First Semester introduces students to writing for Print Media, Basic of Editing, Communication Patterns and Various dimension of Journalism Profession. Students are made to understand the Reporting Analysis, Current Happenings, National and International Systems and Basic IT Applications in Media. They also learn about revolutions in information Technology, new age news room operations, Photo Journalism and Basic media Glossaries.

Semester II

  • Advertising Management
  • Political Communication
  • Public Relation and Event
  •  Management
  • Media Laws
  • Technical Writing
  • Soft core (SC) any one
  • Editorial and feature Writing
  • Hindi Journalism
  • Open Elective (OE) any one
  • Advanced Photography
  • Essentials of Journalistic Writing

Second Semester introduces students to the field of Advertising, Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Legal Aspects of Journalism Profession. Students are also introduced to Technical writing, specialized writing and Hindi Journalism. Students are made to analyze Political events critically and understand the working of Media in Democratic Setup. Students will also learn about Digital Photography, Newspaper Designing and Magazine Production

Semester III

  • Research Methodology
  •   Television Production
  •   Media Management
  •   Radio Production
  •   Soft Core (SC) any one
  •   Introduction to Broadcast Journalism
  •   Electronic Media Production- Lab work
  •    Open Elective (OE) any one
  •   Marketing Communication
  •   Women, Media & Society

This Semester focuses on Media Research, Television and Radio Production Techniques, Broadcast Journalism, practices of Indian Media Organization. This course enables students to execute Research Projects, Undertake Radio and TV production and makes them aware of importance Radio Broadcasting in India. It makes students proficient in source attribution, getting right information, understanding the Ethics behind News Reporting and Marketing Communications in context of market – Driven Economy

Semester IV

  • Development of Cyber Media
  •    Development Communication
  •   Communication in International Media
  •   Dissertation
  •   Internship &Viva
  •   Soft core (SC) Any Two
  •   Online Journalism
  •   Sports Journalism
  •   Business Journalism

This Semester prepares the students to critically evaluate internet and social activism, Developmental approaches and programmes in the context of Economic and Development theories and influence of global media on India. It enables the students to understand factors governing national development and contemporary global media scenario. Students also get on opportunity to understand the nuances Online Journalism, Sports Journalism and Business Journalism. At the end of the semester students are required to submit a Dissertation on any topic related to the field of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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