B. Voc. Degree

  • Advance Diploma Subjects +
  • Print Production- Newspaper & Magazines
  • Production Radio Programme
  • Production of AV Media & Photo Journalism
  • Research Methodologies for Media (Project)
  • Media Laws
  • Cyber Journalism & Digital Media
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Mock Interviews & Viva
  • Computer ( Animation & Graphics) +
  • Editing & Reporting
  • Radio Journalism
  • Television Journalism
  • New Media (Project)
  • Management of Media Organization & Commercial Planning Production with Graphics & Animation
  • Media Issues
  • Employment Enhancement & Viva

The complete degree programme covering Certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma gives full knowledge of production of newspaper & magazines, working journalism, production and running of radio, filmmaking, AV advertisement production. The course also covers events & exhibitions, using of animation & graphics, media issues, journalistic coverage of all types of media. Students are given full knowledge of cyber journalism, social & digital media. All this is padded by teaching them media laws so that they are aware of their limitations, rights & duties. After completing this course students can find careers as TV & Cinema artist, Producer & Director, Reporting Journalists, PR Executives & Event Managers.

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