Department of Information Technology

Internet Lab

JIMS has its own Internet Application Lab where in addition to the fundamental of Internet, Multimedia course and website development is also being taken up. Access to internet is available for all the students. The campus also has a Wi-Fi connectivity for all its students.


JIMS has setup DBMS lab specifically for making students understand the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts of Databases. Oracle, SQL Server , and MS-Access are part of the curriculum in the lab.

Data Structures Lab

The students have a ‘learn by doing’ experience in the lab by engaging themselves in implementation of Data Structures and Application of Algorithms.

Object Oriented Programming Lab

This lab introduces objects, classes, inheritance, interfaces and packages. Each discussion focuses on how these concepts relate to the real world.

Computer Hardware and Technologies Lab

The lab covers all the hardware aspects of computer science viz. study of Mother Board and the various parts of computer. All the operational aspects of working of a computer are demonstrated in the lab.

Linux Lab

JIMS has created Linux Lab for teaching Linux operating system.

Department of Mass Communication

JIMS FM Community Radio ’96.9’ and ’90.4’

JIMS is the first private sector Institute of Northern India to have been given a license by the Government of India to run Community Radio. This radio is being run by the students and is providing an opportunity to develop programs for community broadcast.

Electronic Media Studios

Jims has two fully equipped studios: One for Radio and other for Audio-Visuals-Television and Cinema. The studios have modern facilities like an Audio Lab with latest hi-tech equipment and a Video Lab with high precision cameras for indoor and outdoor shooting and a dark room for development of photograph.

Communication Lab

In order to improve the communication skills of the students and give them proper diction and pronunciation, JIMS has a fully equipped communication laboratory fixed with latest equipment where the classes are supervised by technically equipped professors using language CDs.

Department of Hotel Management & Tourism

Front Office Lab

A lab where the students are taught total guest handling like Reservation, Registration, Check-in, Check-out, Luggage Handling etc. with latest Front office software. Situation Handling and Power Dressing is an important and integral part of the Front Office practical.

Training Kitchen/Production Lab

The students are taught basic, advance and quantity cooking in our well equipped, professionally handled kitchens. The production practicals start with the basic knowledge of cooking.


A modern bakery where fancy egg less bakery and confectionery products like Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, Muffins, Patties, Croissant etc. are taught. Students make Desserts like Soufflés, Mousses and Puddings under expert supervision.

Housekeeping Lab

The housekeeping lab comprises of a Mock Guest Room where the students are taught basic Guest Room procedure such as Bed Making, Turndown and Room Cleaning. Apart from this they are also trained in basic laundry procedure like Washing, Ironing and Stain Removal.

Training Restaurant

In the training restaurant the students are taught different types of Food & Beverage services along with Bar Tending activities like serving Drinks, creating Mocktails etc. The students organize various theme parties in a restaurant like environment, giving them a close feel of the actual work that they do in the industry.

Department of Fashion Design

Pattern Making Lab

The lab is equipped with pattern tables, instruments & Fashion CAD pattern making software.

Garment Construction Lab

The institute has state-of-the -art “Design Studio’. It is equipped with the latest cutting tables and Juki Machines. The facilities and service offered to the student allow them the freedom to experiment and generate creative ideas.

Design Multimedia lab

Labs are equipped with the latest design software like Corel Draw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, TukaTech and Pattern Making. These software helps the students to explore, and helps to evaluate mood, silloutes fabric and color along with technical application and innovation.

Dying and Printing Lab

Student are given regular exposure to develop color for cast and painting effects which help them to design in an innovative manner using wooden blocks, dyes, chemical finishes and bleaches.

Resource Centre

Resource Centre at JIMS is equipped with all kinds of resources like Costume Collection, Functional Materials, accessories, trims , Fabric Folios, Forecasting journals, Research Projects etc. required by the students for reference.

Window Display

Window displays and exposition spaces are treated in every aspect with the most diverse styles using most varied materials. During the course the students have the opportunity to make real theme work for visual merchandising in elegant boutiques as well as in large commercial spaces.

Department of Interior Design

Interior Design Studio

Well equipped interior design studio is there for students to get the exposure of technical drawing also known as drafting along with the standards and convections for layout plans.

Design Multimedia Lab

The students are exposed to the latest AutoCAD applications , which enables them to design in a fully 2D, 3D & 3D Max architectural environment.

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