Course Objectives

The programme is a blend of a creative palette of an individual in the area of Jewellery Designing, CAD, Diamond Grading, Gemology, Export Management and Accessory Designing.

Jewellery Design Graduate course brings out each individual's innate creativity, helping enthusiasts to design with ability and confidence. It makes an apprentice designer learn the basics and complexities of designing any type of jewellery, along with estimating its cost. Through practical work, designers are assisted to express their creativity by designing a portfolio of their own styles.

Specialization in Accessory Design is a bachelor programme that is one of its kind in the country. It has a well-defined curriculum for developing integrated expertise in design methodology, materials and production process, consumer behavior and market dynamics, trends and forecast interpretations, business practices and project management in the field of fashion and lifestyle accessories. A strong industry orientation is reflected in its credo ‘Design for Business’ with the most successful industry education interface in student learning. The programme has gradually evolved to address the entire spectrum of accessories, precious and costume jewellery, belts buckles, footwear broaches, watches, giftware, silverware, and visual merchandising. Each JIMS centre is expected to provide national leadership in the area of its specialisation. The specializations are Precious Jewellery, Costume Jewellery, Silverware, Giftware using Precious Metals and Precious Stones.

Accessory Design program prepares students for careers as Designers, Brand Managers, Visual Merchandisers, Product Managers and Entrepreneurs in the broad areas of precious and costume jewellery, leather goods, giftware, watches, footwear, handicrafts and lifestyle Jewellery within the specialization .

With education comes knowledge, as well as the confidence necessary to buy, sell and appraise jewellery. Each year, thousands of professionals and consumers enroll in the Gemology. Whether you want to become a confident buyer, a diamond grader, jewellery designer, sales professional or Graduate Gemologist, worldwide schools offer an unrivaled range of coursework, spanning everything from rough diamond grading to gemstones,diamonds, pearls, modern treatments and computer-assisted jewellery design.

Internship will be in reputed brands like Tanishq, Kama Jewellers, Gili, PP, PC JEWELLERS etc.

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