Course Curriculum *

Semester I
Semester III
Semester V
Basics of Drawing & Graphic - I E lement of Material - II E lement of Services - II
Element of Design C onstruction Techniques - III Furniture Design - IV
Art & Architecture History - I Interior Design Studio - III A utoCAD - III
Interior Design Studio - I Furniture Design - II Interior Design Studio - V
Construction Techniques-I Building Services Landscape Design
Business Management AutoCAD - I Portfolio Submission
Computer Fundamentals Elements of Marketing Research
Communication Skills
Semester II
Semester IV
Semester VI
Construction Techniques - II Elements of Services-I Design Decision Process
Element of Material - I Financial & Management Accounting Vaastu
Graphic Presentation Construction Techniques - IV AutoCAD - IV
Furniture Design - I Furniture Design - III Interior Design Studio - VI
Interior Design Studio - II Interior Design Studio - IV Estimation & Costing - II
Advanced Multimedia AutoCAD - II Furniture Design - V
Art & Architecture History - II Climatic Design
Marketing Estimation & Csoting-I

* Subject to change

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