Course Curriculum *

Semester I
Semester III
Semester V
Principle and Elements of Design Management Fabric Formation and Processing Visual Merchandising
Fundamentals of Fashion Design Management Import Export Management Apparel Merchandising
Fashion Illustration Technology-I Fashion Illustration Technology-III Fashion Illustration Technology-V
Pattern Making Technology-I Pattern Making Technology-III Pattern Grading Technology
Garment Construction Management-I Garment Construction Management-III Industrial Pattern Making & Sewing Technology
Computer Application in Management Surface Ornamentation Technology-I Quality Control & Management
Communication Skills Draping Technology- I Apparel & Production Management
French Illustrator
Semester II
Semester IV
Semester VI
Advanced Multimedia History of Costumes Fashion Forecasting
Fundamental of Fashion Technology Marketing, Advertising & Sales Management TukaCAD Technology
Fundamentals of Fashion Technology Pattern Making-III Quality Control
Fashion Illustration Technology-II Fashion Illustration Technology-IV Portfolio Development & Management
Pattern Making Technology-II Pattern Making Technology-IV Concept of E-Commerce
Garment Construction Management-II Garment Construction Management-IV Retail Merchandising & Consumer Information
Textile, Fibers and Yarns Surface Ornamentation Technology-II Entrepreneurship Development
Financial & Management Accounting Draping Technology- II
French Fabric Formation & Processing - I

* Subject to change

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