Courses Offered

The objective of the programme is to educate and train students, housewives, gym trainers and food enthusiast about the principles of Nutrition and Diet. It provides a deen insight into food science and clearly states as how one can lead a healthy lifestyle.

A six month programme will gives a deen insight into food science and leading a healthy disease free lifestyle. It is into making capable Diet Assistant who has various career options like working in Gyms, Slimming Centers, working hand in hand with doctors and housewives creating healthy life style.

  • Diploma in Diet And Nutrition (1 Year)
  • Short Term Specialisation Courses in :
    • Diet Assistant (6 Months Certificate Programme)
    • Diabetes Educator (4 Months Certificate Programme)
    • Obesity & Weight Management  (4 Months Certificate Programme)
    • Sports Nutrition (4 Months Certificate Programme) 
    • Sports Fitness & Supplementation (2 Months Certificate Programme after completing Sports Nutrition)
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