Course Objectives

Effective Mass Communication is one of the most potent weapons in the modern World.
It can change the tide of public opinion and send vital messages out to a large section of society.
The number of news channels is continually on the rise. It’s the same case with newspapers and radio stations.
The intelligent readership is growing and books are seeing resurgence in the market.
The media has many segments : the print medium being the oldest; Journalism via electronic media such as the television, radio, satellite communication; Advertising and Public Relations is another method by which it is possible to reach out to millions.
The Institute offers programmes in Mass Communication to the under-graduates by providing a strong foundation and comprehensive training to aspirants from any discipline to pursue careers in the Media Industry.
The programmes gives an opportunity to study the Media, ranging from media issues to forms of communication. One can also learn media law and ethics; research and journalistic techniques; media marketing; public relations and organising events and exhibitions. Students are also encouraged to specialize in Print; Broadcast & Web Journalism; Radio Programming & Production; Television Production & Film making; and Advertising & Marketing Communication.

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