Course Curriculum*

Semester I
Semester III
Semester V
Introduction to Print Media Social Science -Political Science & Economics Reporting for Media - I
Introduction to Broadcasting Media Print Media -News Writing & Production of Paper Editing for Media - I
Introduction to Audio Visual Media Media Laws Television
Human Communication Writing for Radio Radio
English & Basic Writing Skills Writing for Television Production Portfolio
Hindi & Basic Writing Skills Mass Communication - I Comm. Skills & Personality Development
Computer Fundamentals Comm. Skills & Personality Development Research Work
Personaltiy Development Presentation of Projects
Semester II
Semester IV
Semester VI
Print Media Social Science - Psychology & Sociology Reporting for Media - II
Electronic Media - TV & Radio Ethics & Morals Editing for Media - II
English Communication Mass Communication - II Advertising & PR
Hindi Communication Electronic Media - TV & Radio Production Media Issues
Computer Graphics Print Media- News Writing Radio Programme Production
Foreign Language - French Print Media : e-Journalism Individual Film Production3
Comm. Skills & Personality Development Production Portfolio Individual Film Production
Project Writing 1 Comm. Skills & Personality Development Interviews & Group Discussions
Summer Training

1. Students are required to prepare a project report on subject allocated as summer assignment.
2. Summer internship for 6-8 weeks in media related Industry.
3. A ll students have to make two radio programmes & one short film or quickie to complete their Diploma.

* Subject to change

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