Course Curriculum *

Semester I
Semester II
Semester III
Computer Fundamentals & IT Computer Programming & Problem Solving using C Data Structure & Algorithms
C Language Business Flow System Discrete Mathematics - I
Foundations of Management Operating System Database Management System
Mathematics - I PC Computing System Analysis & Design
Basics of Internet Programming Mathematics - II Digital Electronics
Financial Accounting Presentation Skills & Personality Development Communication Skill-Scientific & Technical Writing
Communication Skills Linux Environment Lab-1 : DBMS
Lab-1 : Computer Fundamentals Lab-1 : PC Computing Mini Project using DBMS (Viva)
Lab-2 : C language Lab-2 : Computer Programming & Problem solving using C
Lab-3 : Internet Progamming

Semester IV
Semester V
Semester VI
Computer organization & Architecture Object Oriented Programming using C++ Java Programming & Website Design
Discrete Mathematics - II Software Engineering Advance Internet
E-Commerce RDBMS Software Testing
Front End Design Tools (VB) Computer Networks Social Implications of IT
Advanced Internet Programming Computer Oriented Numerical & Statistical Methods using C Computer Oriented Numerical & Statistical Methods using ‘C’
Database Management System Mobile Computing .NET Technology
Data Structure & Algorithms Managerial Personality Development Lab 1: Java
Foreign Language : French Lab-1 : RDBMS Lab-2: Internet
Lab-1 : Data Structure & Algorithms Lab-2 : OOPS & C++ Lab-3 : .NET Technology
Mini Project using Front End (VB) Report Minor Project (Report & Viva)

* Subject to change

** Degree in Distance Learning Mode through UGC recognised Indian University

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